West Toledo family homeless after fire races through house Patrick Feehan and his family sp... West Toledo family homeless afte

Patrick Feehan and his family spent the last two years making the home of their dreams out of a two-story house at 2367 Valeway Dr. in West Toledo, near the Michigan line.

That dream home fell to a relentless fire yesterday morning, leaving the family that includes two young daughters homeless a month before Christmas.

The fire, started by an electrical short-circuit in the living room ceiling, destroyed most of the second floor, exposing much of it to the elements.

"We were concerned with it being so early in the morning that someone may still be in the house, but we were told shortly after we arrived the family made it out."

Lieutenant Wysong said he didn't know the official damage estimate, but he thought it would be between $80,000 and $100,000. The first floor suffered extensive fire damage.

"I heard this crackling noise," Mr. Feehan said about the start of the fire. His wife was not home at the time. "Then I smelled smoke. The next thing I did was grab my daughters and got out of there. They were sleeping on the couch in the living room."

"He's lived there for about two years and worked really hard on the inside and outside of the house," said neighbor Chris Doereff, who lives at 2361 Valeway. "He never stopped trying to improve where he lived and then boom, he got this fire. It's really sad."

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